Creative Financial

How we take care of your finances

Financial planning is a cyclical, dynamic process that helps identify your financial objectives, goals and priorities.

The planning process starts by identifying in detail your current financial circumstances. Having understood these, we then work with you to identify your plans, values, goals and objectives and what you are seeking to achieve in terms of your financial planning.

We start with the end in mind. Once we have understood your current circumstances and financial goals, we then work with you to build your personal Financial Plan.

Financial Planning process

1. Getting to know you

Determine your goals for your financial future and how we can help you achieve them.

2. Information Gathering

Confirm your current situation by completing a Fact Find as well as an Investment Risk Questionnaire.

3. Research and Analysis

Assess and identify any gap in achieving your desired objectives - create an action plan.

4. Presenting your Financial Plan

Discuss and explain our recommendations in line with your Financial Objectives.

5. Implementing your Plan

Complete all necessary documentation.

6. Ongoing Review

Your Financial Plan

The Financial Plan is centred around a cash flow plan which will show you, based on certain assumptions that would be mutually agreed, what the financial picture may look like 5,10 or 15 years from now. We help you visualise your future from a financial perspective:

Reviewing your Plan

We need to adapt your Plan if and when your circumstances change and provide regular monitoring to ensure plans are continuing to meet Financial Goals.

This comprehensive process involves a review of all areas of your financial situation. It involves establishing short-term and long-term goals, designing and implementing strategies to reach these goals and an ongoing review of your progress towards your stated goals. We include a detailed review of the following issues:

By defining and quantifying your long-term goals you can answer the question, "how much is enough?".

This enables you to find out what the finish line looks like.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your financial resources are being deployed to accomplish your stated goals.